Thursday, November 5, 2009

I've got these friends...

...uber creative, amaze me on a daily basis kind of friends. I'm surrounded by people who fully dominate what they do and always blow me away with their talent. 

Megan is one of those. Oh, I love her. 

Miss Meg is a truly talented photographer. Going through her website it was hard to pick just a few favorites but check these out...

Is she great or what!?! Click here to check out more on her website or view her blog here.
And best of all...not only is she great at photography but she's a kick in the pants too! I always joke with Megan that I've got nothing going on to provide good photo ops (cute kids, amazing yard, etc.) but I'm sure you do, well, here's your next family photo waiting to happen! Give Megan a call! 

P.S. And while you are at it congratulate her (and her husband Travis) on the new bun in the oven! So exciting! 

Love you girl!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Today is one of those days. Nothing terrible, just this creeping feeling. I have this sticky, strange situation in my life that I am constantly trying to control, and in the midst of my failed attempts the feeling creeps in. 

The worst one of all, inadequacy. 

It tightens around my throat, crippling my thoughts, making it nearly impossible to focus on the task at hand. I know that it's a snowball effect. I know that I need to choose joy, I totally intend to, but today, today is hard. 

Monday, October 19, 2009


Ok, so I just may be the worst blogger in Blogger history. Not really abandoning my blog, I leave it here for all of you to wait (with baited breath). Ok, probably not so much, but those of you who really do know me, know that the last few months have been ones of BIG change, really in all areas of my life...and also some places in my heart. 

And yes, this blog is a cop-out. I want to share some song lyrics that have been my fav lately. Oh how I wish I had the gift of song writing! Here's Need To Breathe's song 'Garden'. These speak to me in multiple ways, and in the last couple months have meant different things and different times. I love lyrics that are like onions, layered, potent, and may cause emotion...over and again. Here you go...

Won't you take this cup from me
Cause fear has stolen all my sleep 
If tomorrow means my death
I pray you'll save their souls with it

Let the songs i sing
Bring joy to you
Let the words i say profess my love
Let the notes i choose
Be your favorite tune
Father let my heart be after you

In this hour of doubt i see
But who i am is not just me
So give me strength to die myself
So love can live to tell the tale

Let the songs i sing
Bring joy to you
Let the words i say profess my love
Let the notes i choose
Be your favorite tune
Father let my heart be after you

Father let my heart be...
For you

Let the songs i sing
Bring joy to you
Let the words i say profess my love
Let the notes i choose
Be your favorite tune
Father let my heart be after you

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's Just a Whole Lot.

Life is a lot. A whole lot, but lately it's been more. My mind seems to be mush in a few different areas. I'm a collector of quotes, of words, of lyrics. I can't even begin to count the amount of random post-it notes that can be found all over my home, car, stuffed in books, etc. On the post-its? Words. Some mine, some others. 

This is posted on the mirror in my bathroom. It's been there for nearly a year and 4 months. I love it. 

She knows me so intimately, and trusts me so completely, that she no longer depends on my voice, loving glances or other outward signs to know my approval. She is not dismayed or discouraged by any circumstances that I arrange for her to encounter. She trusts me when common sense, reason and even every subtle instinct of the natural heart would rebel, knowing that I am preparing her for eternity and realizing that the understanding of what I do will come later. 
This is where I want to be...

Monday, September 7, 2009

Stuff & Things...

Last weekend I had the chance to spend time with one of my besties in Spokane. It was the first time I'd been back since moving away over two years ago - a must needed trip. The goal was two fold: 1.) quality time with Liz and Jeff  2.) celebrate with Casey and Cody at their wedding. 

And then stuff happens, so things change. 

I arrived on Thursday night and on Friday afternoon we discovered that Liz and Jeff's home was broken into while we were out and about during the day. BIG BUMMER. Jeff came home to a house, completely ransacked. We spent most of Friday night cleaning up and trying to take inventory of all that was missing. It really made us think about our "stuff". Some things that are replaceable and some things that will never be the same (Liz's wedding ring and home movies). 

And in true Melis and Liz style there was humor, humor that saves us from insanity in so many situations. As we worked our way through the house we came to the guest room where I was staying. Being the terrible packer that I am I brought my HUGE rolling duffle bag and had thrown in odds and ends, no organization whatsoever. Stuff was everywhere, clothes, shoes, papers, random electronic charges, what have you (luckily, I'd taken my computer with me that day). We soon discovered that my car was still parked out front and my keys on the dresser had not been touched - amazing! But my bag was gone. We figure that they had dumped some of my stuff out and taken it to pack other things from around the house. But, they did manage to get some of my clothes, all my jewelry, the top to my swimsuit and ALL MY UNDERWEAR. No joke. How creepy/hilarious is that!?! So funny.

Not so funny was all that Liz and Jeff have to deal with now. When I got back to Mac Jeff asked me to make a list of my stuff that was missing along with prices. I started strong. There were a few things that I definitely knew I was missing. But as I went on with the report it got harder. Not only did I discover that I couldn't remember all that I had with me but also the prices on my list were starting to add up...and it began to make me sick. 

I've been on somewhat of a rampage lately about stuff and this was just another chapter in my disillusion with stuff, things and money. Looking at my list I found myself completely frustrated that I couldn't remember all that I had. Not because I was sad about the stuff but more sad that I had so much that was forgettable. That the sheer volume of stuff was too much for my mind to keep track of. I suddenly felt sickly excessive. And then moving on and looking at the prices of the things I did remember. Of course I remembered the stuff I spent the most on and really, was it all necessary, the brand names, the multiple versions? And then the reality that I have a home full of other things ready to take the place of the things I'd lost. Nothing that was stolen was something that I didn't still have at home in one shape or another - MORE EXCESS! 

So stuff and things. Things and stuff. Sure my mind went to all the peeps in the world who have nothing. Those who have such a small portion of what I, as a single girl, have in excess. I understand that I am fully blessed, so much more than I ever deserve, I don't understand being in need and very rarely do I even understand want

My mind went to the idea of living freely. Free in a way that allows for mobility, to following the Lord's will in a quick and calculated way. Living free from the idea of "keeping up with the Jones'" that provides opportunities for us to bless those who are in need. Less is more in a new way. So it becomes not about feeling guilty about what we have but rather living in a way that is not focused on things. It's not just cleaning out a closet (although that's an amazing place to start). It's about cleaning up my heart in relation to stuff and things. It's about checking my motives before the junk piles up, and using what I have for more than just me. And I think it involves creativity. It's a challenge to me. How can I use what I have been given to return blessing? Most importantly it's being prayerful about keeping the topic on the forefront of my mind and heart. Not to let the days, and months pass and fall back into busy and life and society and want. It's praying for convictions that stick. 


Friday, August 14, 2009

Old, New, Borrowed...not so blue.

Things change fast. Seems like when I am just figuring it out there is a switch-a-roo. Part of the plan? For sure. Keeping me on my toes, testing my faith and calling my heart's desires to be refined and sharpened. 

What's next? Not so sure but there is for sure a next. In the mean time I'm doing stuff, things old, new, borrowed and not being blue.

Not much cheers me up like spending time with fam and friends in the valley. I did a bad job of taking pictures during my trip home but I did get a few shots of something new...

Yeah, that's right my first experience with Mongolian BBQ. It was great, complete with tofu (although I'm still fighting my bitterness against the BBQer who dropped most of my tofu on floor while he was cooking it.) Thanks Madre & Padre, you guys are my favorite!

Then, something old. When I came back to Mac I brought with me all my design school stuff. It's been too long school supplies. I love you colored pencils, rolls of tracing paper, strange rulers and big pink erasers. And my very favorite, my collection of Prismacolor markers, a color expert's dream. I'm loving getting back into the habit of lettering with my old sketch book and the sweet watercolor combos.

Which brings up to something borrowed. Here's where I admit that I'm back to my old ways of reading 12 things at once. Let's be honest, being focused on one book is not me at all. So, I've got a few things going, but I'm ready to devour (I say devour because I think it's going to take that type of attitude), John Steinbeck's East of Eden borrowed from Matt. Wish me luck!

See? There's no time for blue! But there's always time for coffee...brew it up!


Sunday, August 9, 2009

What I know lately...

My "best" is small in comparison to His reality.
My life is far more than what I can see now.
Searching for hope doesn't always mean feeling hopeless, sometimes it's just being patient.
Calm can come just as quickly as the storm.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Words to identify with...

Today I spent a bit perusing my own blog. Re-reading things I've written over the last 2 1/2 years. It's crazy to think that I've been blogging that long. Sheesh, where does the time go?!  My blog has gone through this random evolution and as I read it I see moments of clarity, confusion, inspiration and growth. Weird, I know. 

This week I had a convo about names and the significance of their meanings. My name, Melissa means "as sweet as a honey bee" and my middle name, Irene means "peaceful".  I think those that know me well would agree while disagreeing. hmmm, sounds contradictory, I know. 

Having a character that is described by the meaning of my names is something I aspire to. I know I'm not always sweet and peaceful. In fact last year at some point in this here blog I announced that I would be starting a new blog. And I did just that, but never got very far. I struggled with a name, because I believe names are important and I also feel this pressure to be witty and meaningful with naming stuff. I wanted something that described where I thought I was. And here's what I came up with...

Gypsytime Hullaballo

Yeah, I liked it, I still do. Here's what the words mean:

gypsy (n.)
1. A person whom chooses to travel, and does not possess permanent residence or stability. This term is often referred to anyone practicing such a lifestyle regardless of ethnicity or background.

hullabaloo (n.)
1. An 
uproar or fuss.
2. Something that seems to be of great importance or a big deal that is perhaps unnecessary.
3. A state of action, loud, exciting, trouble and often chaotic.

As I rewind and read my posts I see things that I thought were of great importance that have fallen away. I read about loud, exciting chaotic experiences and I see the randomness that has been my learning curve. And all of a sudden I'm thankful for the gypsy like process. The restlessness of my heart and the many desires that pull at me. I'm beginning to see that I need to focus on fully understanding what the randomness looks like as a whole. I think that the desires of our heart are not at all random. And that's the sweet thing, that we were created with a unique set of things that as a whole work to bring Him glory in the way He desires for each of our lives! 

I know it's nothing new, nothing profound, I've just been reminded of it lately. I got to talk with one of my best friends last night. I say "got to" because she is far, far away and it does not happen anywhere near as often as we'd like.  We talked a lot about waiting. I told her that I felt as though I was waiting "again" and she told me that she feels like I'm "still" waiting. I think she's right, the last couple years make up a whole lot of waiting and I see a pattern. Maybe it's not so random as I am quick to label it. And I feel this heaviness to hone in on what has captured my passion in the past, things my heart aches about and how to make that my focus on a daily, continual basis. I get sidetracked by the fear of what some may think my intensions are. I'm so eager to get started, to run ahead, to seek for what I'm suppose to be doing that I don't often listen quietly, sweetly. 

So here's where it needs to start, the changing of names, the adopting of different meanings. From "gypsy", not in the physical sense but in my mindset to "sweet" - focused, intensional. And from "hullaballo" - loud, excitement for excitement's sake to "peaceful" - secure, open and quiet. 

Here's where I must say a huge "thank you" to those in my life who journey with me. Who understand and listen to my heart. You know who you are and you are God's gifts to me. You are living the meanings of your names...brave, sweet, one who thrives, gift of God, princess and bright. 

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Best spelling of my last name, ever. Ever, ever. 


Yep. Got my car serviced today and that was the guy's guess. Sure hope he knows more about cars than he does spelling. 


Monday, July 13, 2009

Tiny & 90.

My trip to Cali was not just a vaca but a time of celebrating my sweet Tiny Grandma and her 90 years! We had a great time partying at UB & Cece's, it was a bit of a mini family reunion! Fun times. 

Birthday Girl & her bling.

Jen's amazing cupcakes.

Tiny & her spread.

Newest addition to the fam, Miss sweet.

Bray & Aubs

Jen, Joo & Buddy Blueheart Pumpkin Pie Noodle Nose.

The fam!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

My anxious heart.

I move around. A whole lot. I crave change much more than I would have ever imagined. I'm working on patience, working on contentment, working on still. I had a great reminder today from this great lady. Oh Elisabeth Elliot, you speak to my heart. I highly suggest you check out her daily devo here

And in the musical arena I'm loving Jon Foreman's "Your Love is Strong". There's just something about Jons with no H. Check it out here.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Back in the saddle again...

Paper, paper, bring it on!  I'm working on a set of wedding invites for my buddies Ben and Kass. So fun!  Print, cut, feels good. Pictures to come...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Oh Summer.

Summer is in full swing. McMinnville is raging hot and I'm pulling for some evening summer thunder storms - my favorite. Here's a pictorial whirlwind rewind of the last few weeks. 

My college ladies graduated from Linfield last weekend!

Miss Erika, fellow history nerd.  Way to be!

Meghan, the smarty pants McGee Sauce, ready to head to Cambodia!

Cait's big birthday bash celebration day #1!

Quick trip to Bend for Matt's 27th Birthday!

Cruise time in the charger, including car dance party, always a crowd pleaser.
Followed by lunch at Flatbread...

Matt got some great shots of Ben and Kass for their engagement photos and I got to be the "stylist to the stars" (mostly hair and wardrobe with a little photo assisting and spare camera holding on the side).
Sweet Miss Kass the bride-to-be

Ben, Matt & I

We should be models, I'm just saying. 
We've got the tall and short categories covered. 
And hey, don't we just ooze photogenic possibilities? 

There you have're all caught up. I'm headed to Nampa this weekend to meet up with the NNU Crew for AnderJosh's wedding, should be a hoot and 1/2.  Enjoy the sun!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It's a big day.

Western Oregon Waste recognized me as a  contributing member of society who pays her garbage bill.  They emptied my can today folks! It's a long story but let's just say it was getting pretty smelly in my garage. I was also running out of costumes in which to appear incognito when dumping at random apartment complexes. Thank you garbage man. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Battle of the brands.


Ok, I've always been mildly obsessed with frozen yogurt.  The lower calorie, better for you cousin of ice cream is amazing to me.  I love it's soft serveness, it's many favors and it's slightly tangy after taste.  I'm just a huge fan.  

This weekend was monumental for me in the way of frozen yogurt. I discovered Yo Cream. I've been a loyal Golden Spoon girl my entire life (it's my So Cal roots). And I ate more then my fair share while I was living in Cali a few years ago.  Golden spoon is always near the top of my "must haves" while visiting (second only to Coco's Asian chicken salad minus the chicken). But I must say I've found a new favorite. Sure I will say that there may be no real difference in taste but Yo Cream's got one up on Golden Spoon.  Let me explain.

I like to be in charge of my food. I've always been accused of having eyes that are bigger than my stomach, and that may be the case...but it's my case, I like to eat!  So, Yo Cream is the perfect place for people like me.  It's a SELF-SERVE frozen yogurt shop. Yep. You read that right. AMAZING!

I think the guy read my face when I walked in.  Pretty sure I looked like the chubby girl on Willy Wonka. He gave us a full tour. You serve yourself and then pay by the weight of your dish. Finally I can control the ratio of yogurt to sprinkles! There was a row of flavors to choose from, a stinkin' fruit and topping bar, a spinning cereal bar and biodegradable spoons!

I fully committed and got a punch next time you are in the Portland area let's get together and get some Yo Cream.  The possibilities are endless...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

This is exactly what I'm trying to figure out...thanks Picasso, buddy 'ol pal.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Project #184

New dining chairs!  I know it's about time I move on from the plastic IKEA chairs I've been using since college.  Madre and I found these great simple seats at a antique store in Sherwood and I'm eager to give them a facelift!  Stay tuned for the finished project.  

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Make my day.

Seriously after a long, stressful day, how can I not smile about this. Amazing! 

All the way from Peru!  Kai is now showing me up in his Spanish speaking skills...we've come a long way Bubba!  I sure miss you, can't wait to see you in January! 

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A work in progress...

Project #183.2 
I can't keep anything the same for too long.  Here's the latest design venture. Simple. Good. A work in progress. 

Monday, April 6, 2009

Oh Blog...

...I have neglected you. I have been working, not living. I've been forgetting the funny, not letting you in on the moment and I apologize. I promise I have not forgotten you. 

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Just a shameless plug, no big.

I'm so blessed to be as busy as can be in this time of crazy economic hullabaloo.  As some of you know, I've started a new job (added to the old job) at a flower shop here in town.  I'm having a blast and learning a lot not only about Quickbooks but also about flowers!  We've started a blog here to get Poseyland online and in blogsville.  I'm excited to research and write about flowers, weddings, special events, etc.  Also, check out the Poseyland website here where you can order flowers online and ship them anywhere!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Some got it, some don't.

I love photography, but I am so not a photographer. Last weekend Jenna and Jeff (the cousins) stopped off in Mac town for a visit on their way to WA.  Jenna is one of my favorite photographers.  She's got this great eye and confident unique creativity that I envy.  We spent an evening with Jen and her camera. There was lots going on with lenses, flashes and F Stop, you know, things that I've only heard of in Jack Johnson songs. Good times, amazing family. Here's a few of my favorite shots. 

The Rooftop

Caity Cat,  Jellybeans & tots

Cemetery Trees

Schenck + Baitx makes Clayton legs

Saturday, March 7, 2009

So Good!

Pantone color chips are one of my favorite things. I love color, I study color. Today I came across artist Tim Fraser Brown. Check out his work - Manetone.  I love it!

It's his depiction of Manet's  "A Bar at the Folies-Bergère" and it's made entirely out of Pantone color chips.... genius. 

Send Snail Mail!

It's a revolution...and we're starting one mailbox at a time.